How To Choose The Right Conditioner For Dry Hair

Suffering from dry hair? All you need is the right conditioner, and we will teach you how to pick the right one!

Nobody likes having dry hair - but it is inevitable. If you find yourself suffering from dry hair and notice your self-esteem lowering because of that, we’re here to help ease off the pain by recommending the right conditioner for dry hair! First, let’s find out why you have dry hair:

What is considered dry hair? 

Not sure whether you have dry hair? If you notice your hair starting to feel somewhat similar to straw-like or find it really rough, then you probably are experiencing dry hair. Other common symptoms when it comes to dry hair would be when it feels brittle, frizzy and dull. 

For the uninitiated, dry hair happens when you don’t have enough moisture retained. Therefore, it is important to make sure your hair maintains moisture and stays hydrated to achieve healthy hair.

What are the main causes of dry hair? 

Though there are a wide variety of reasons, below are the main causes of dry hair: 

  1. Not enough protection 

Not enough protection

There’s a protective layer on each of our hair strands, which is commonly known as the cuticle. Your cuticle helps to protect your hair against damage caused by the sun or rain. When the cuticle layers aren’t secured and are separated from your hair, that’s where it tends to lose its’ natural moisture, making it harder to retain. 

  1. Improper hair care 

Improper hair care

Even your regular daily hair care could cause dryness to your hair for a few reasons such as washing too often, using a shampoo that’s too harsh on your scalp, heat damage caused by using heating tools, as well as the harsh chemicals used in hair dyes, perms and so on. 

  1. Dry, flaky scalp

Dry, flaky scalp

Another common cause of dry hair would be when there’s a lack of natural lubrication on your scalp. Naturally, your scalp should be producing oil at the roots to ensure it stays moisturised all day long. Once it starts to lack moisture, your scalp would start to be dry and peel off, causing dandruff as well as a dry scalp. 

What is a good conditioner for dry hair?

We all know conditioners are known to offer moisturising and hydrating benefits to make your hair smooth and soft. However, when choosing a suitable conditioner for dry hair, it’s best to make a decision based on your hair type. That way, it would be more effective in curing your dry hair problems. 

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Coloured hair

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Coloured hair

Without a doubt, when it comes to coloured hair, all the more reason why you need to take extra care of it is that it tends to get dry or damaged really easily. The chemicals infused in the colour treatments tend to break down the hair cuticles, which is the protective layer of moisture on your hair strands. And for coloured treated hair, using a conditioner is a must to ensure your hair retains its moisture by sealing the hair cuticles and securing your hair colour. 

A conditioner for dry hair if it’s coloured would typically have extra hydrating and moisturising ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil or even marula oil such as the Wellsen Marula Oil Intense Repair Conditioner. These ingredients are the ones you should look out for as it helps to prevent frizziness and dryness caused by the hair dyes or colourings. Besides, it retains your colour which makes it last longer too so it doesn’t fade away too quickly. 

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Curly Hair

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Curly Hair

Shampoos aren’t the only hair product that could save your curls. It’s actually the conditioners that do the trick - especially if you have dry, curly hair! Besides, you probably know by now that curly hair tends to be way drier than other types of hair. 

What you need to go for would be nourishing and deeply hydrating conditioners which helps to maintain the bounce and overall shine of your curly hair. As for the ingredients list, the best conditioner for dry hair when you have curls would be humectant-rich formulas such as aloe vera juice, glycerin and honey. Aside from that, emollients such as shea butter, avocado oil and jojoba oil would smoothen the hair cuticles as well as secure the moisture to prevent tangles. 

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Damaged Hair

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Damaged Hair

Though damaged hair is kind of similar to having dry hair, not all dry hair is damaged. Perhaps your hair may be lacking moisture, but it doesn’t mean it’s damaged like how it would be when you have coloured hair. 

Generally, once your hair cuticle starts to crack, it’s more likely to be damaged. Plus, if you’re always using heat styling tools on a frequent basis, your hair could be damaged as well. Hence, you would need a conditioner for dry hair that maintains the protein in your hair instead of reducing them even more. Consider those infused with Marula Oil such as the Wellsen Marula Oil Intense Repair Conditioner which repairs damaged hair which makes it safe for the hair too as it is free from alcohol and parabens that is known to make your hair dry even more. 

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Flaky Hair

Conditioner For Dry Hair: Flaky Hair

Flaky hair usually involves not just dry hair, but also flakes as your scalp start to become itchy too. Normally, certain skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema or dandruff tend to cause dry, flaky hair as well. 

The conditioner for dry hair when you have flakes that work best would be formulas infused with tea tree, coconut oil, salicylic acid which are all known to soothe the itchiness and reduce flakes over time. 

A general rule of thumb when it comes to getting a conditioner for dry hair would be to avoid those that offer volumizing or strengthening benefits because it would cause further dryness. No matter what hair type you have, when you have dry hair, it’s important to look out for conditioners that are meant to balance, soothe and hydrate your hair or scalp such as the Wellsen Marula Oil Intense Repair Conditioner which offers all the right benefits and ingredients to combat dry hair, especially because it’s free from parabens and alcohol too! 

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