Our Story

Wellsen, the leading professional hair salon brand, owned, manufactured, and distributed by WeGlobe, was founded in 1993 by Mr. Seng San Bing together with Mr. Hung Shun Neng.

With the mission to produce high-end, all-natural quality salon products at an affordable price point. At the time, this was unheard of as prices for quality hair salon products had skyrocketed in the 80’ and 90’ mostly dominated by European brands.

Wellsen’s hair shampoo, manufactured in Malaysia quickly became a hit in the professional hair care industry and has since been trusted by thousands of hair salons across Asia. 

Our founders

Mr. Seng, Malaysian-born, has a master's in food and science from England and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Taiwan.

Mr. Seng is the Chairman of ASEAN Cosmetics Association and FMM-Malaysian Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry Group and has in his career worked for some of the most respected European hair care and cosmetics brands holding c-level positions in Asia.

Mr. Seng & Mr. Hung, founders of Asia's professional salon shampoo manufactured in Malaysia
Mr. Seng and Mr. Hung, first time they met at a hair
care and cosmetics conference in the United States in 1993

Our founders, Mr. Seng and Mr. Hung knew each other from working in the industry.

Mr. Seng had always been impressed with Mr. Hung’s achievements and extraordinary willpower; indeed, Mr. Hung was diagnosed with cancer and lost both his legs at an early age.

But, even so, Mr. Hung has built a thriving distribution business and established a company that is the sole distributor for two famous European cosmetic and hair brands in Taiwan. 

Mr. Seng reached out to Mr. Hung with the idea of establishing a new shampoo and hair care brand manufactured in Malaysia.

They soon discovered and understood they had a similar burning desire; to help change people's lives through instilling beauty and confidence.

With the vast knowledge from different parts of the world and a combined professional experience of more than 70 years; Wellsen was born. 

Wellsen has since positioned itself as a disruptor in a highly competitive market bringing high-quality hair salon products at an affordable price.

As Mr. Seng is semi-retired, Wellsen is run and operated by his beautiful and charming daughter Ms. Seng Sin Mon who is seen as our thought leader, empowering woman leaders through her business networking groups, charity work, and coaching programs.

Ms. Sin Mon has further expanded the brand and holds true to Wellsen’s core purpose; to inspire and instil beauty and confidence.

Wellsen still upholds the value of manufacturing quality shampoo and hair care products to gain the heart and trust of its customers, which makes it the soul of the business.

"Our manufacturing facility has taken big strides to be a sustainable production plant"

With a team of professional cosmetic chemists and hairstylists, the quality has surpassed expectations while ensuring every customer only gets the best in an affordable price range. 

As one of the leading professional hair care brands in Malaysia and Taiwan.

Wellsen's salon hair products range consists of hair shampoo, repair hair serum, hair growth tonic, hair loss treatments, hair, and scalp care products as well as men's hair care products such as; hair clay and men’s hair wax, all locally manufactured in Malaysia.

Today, millions of customers across the Asia Pacific have used Wellsen's products.

WeGlobe Marketing Sdn Bhd was founded on the tremendous success Wellsen had in Asia and is now the brand holder of Wellsen.

Previously, Wellsen solely focused on manufacturing and distributing to the professional salon industry. But in order to cater to a wider audience and manufacture various in-house shampoo brands, WeGlobe was established and now holds two other brands; LadyFirst focusing on personal care and Genkikuma focusing on baby care products.

Both brands are in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) range, also called the consumer packaged goods (CPG) segment, referring to products that are highly in-demand and can be found on the shelves in your local supermarket.

About us

WeGlobe, shampoo manufacturer in Malaysia
The Leading Professional Salon Hair Care And Shampoo Manufacturer in Malaysia

Besides building and manufacturing our own brands, WeGlobe is able to help fulfil the dreams of the young entrepreneurs, professional salons, or well-established brands in Malaysia that want to get their own shampoo, hair care, baby care products, and even FMCG to market.

With the extensive experience we have gained from Wellsen’s success, and other brands held by WeGlobe, we can now offer you original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solutions.

Why choose WeGlobe For your OEM project

WeGlobe is your go-to source for bringing products from idea to shelve space in all things cosmetics, personal care, hair care, and skin care.

Building your own line of products is not easy, but thanks to our professional OEM services and our extensive industry knowledge we will guide you and help every step of the way. From planning, manufacturing in Malaysia, and advising you on logistics for export if needed.

Our facilities have over 35 years of OEM experience in cosmetics, hair care, shampoo manufacturing in Malaysia, and 20 years of experience in the professional hair care industry.

You can be sure that your products will be in good hands 

Some of the specialised professional hair salon products included in our OEM services are hair shampoo, repair hair serum, hair growth tonic, hair conditioner, hair and scalp care products, pomade, hair clay, hair wax suitable for a high-quality niche market with only the best ingredients added.

Our non-professional consumer products include baby care, personal care, and cosmetics, skin care which are suitable for the fast-moving consumer goods market. 

All production is manufactured under our sister company in Malaysia. Our cosmetics, hair care, and shampoo manufacturing facility in Malaysia is certified with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HALAL, HACCP, Environment Management System ISO 14001;2015 and ISO 9001:2015. This enables your products to be exported to the United States, Europe, the middle east, and other Islamic nations.

Furthermore, our manufacturing facility has taken big strides to be a sustainable production plant, and we take pride in having our own wastewater treatment plant that makes sure the water we use is clean and safe before disposing of it, thus making our facility an environmentally friendly cosmetics, hair care and shampoo manufacturer in Malaysia.