About Us

Company Profile :

Incorporated on 5 August 1996, WeGlobe Marketing Sdn Bhd has accumulated over 20+ years of experiences in developing and distribution of high quality professional hair care products under its proprietary registered brands such as 'Wellsen' and Peter & Guys'.  

Weglobe Marketing Sdn. Bhd. ( 396725-T)

Gentle And Natural Sdn. Bhd. (834632-W)

WeGlobe products are exclusively formulated by a team consisting of cosmetic chemists and hair stylists to cater specifically for the needs of professional hair salons nationwide. Presently, WeGlobe is proud to represent a diverse range of products which include shampoos, conditioners, hair styling, hair perming, and hair straightening products. 

In addition to Malaysia, WeGlobe products are currently available in more than 6 nations which include Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Myanmar.

Our Purpose

To inspire and Instill Beauty and Confidence across Asia.

Our Vision

To fulfilling lives through beauty and confidence by being the leader in professional hair care and personal care industry in Asia

Our Mission

To Educate local consumers on choosing their Most Suitable Hair Care Products in terms of personalised needs, quality, and health effects of each product. 

We are determined to achieve customer satisfaction through marketing excellence, innovative product, and the best customer service provider in conjunction with and in pursuing of organisation transformation and moving forward the company to the next level of excellence.

Our Values

Embrace Challenge

Have Fun

Inspire and Empower

Showing Kindness


Wellsen Brand Mission

Inspire Beauty and Confidence through beautiful hair

Gentle and Natural Sdn Bhd (G&N)

Incorporated on 7 October 2008, Gentle and Natural has accumulated over 10+ years of experiences in the local personal care and baby care industry. Commonly known as G&N, we are presently the authorised dealer of two main household brands such as Ladyfirst and Genkikuma, Both brands offer a diverse range of toiletries suitable for babies, children and families. they include: 

a. Head-to-Toe Wash

b. Handwash

c. Shower Creams

d. Wet Wipes ( Baby Wipes, Facial Wipes, Hand and Body Wipes)

e. Perfume Sprays

Our Purpose:

To make Quality Baby Toiletries Affordable to Young Parents

Marketing and Distribution

G&N products are promoted by a team of authorised dealers in Malaysia. Each dealer is granted a specific area where he is appointed to market G&N products exclusively without the interference of other dealers. 

In addition to Malaysia, G&N Products are presently available in our key export markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Myanmar.

G&N is working very closely with its product development teams to offer greater variant of personal care and baby toiletries products. We also will enlarge our product base and its variant to provide comprehensive range of products that come in handy to consumers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fulfilling lives through beauty and confidence.

Genkikuma Brand Mission

Genkikuma’s mission is to make quality baby products affordable for young parents.

We strive for fulfilling lives of people globally with beauty solutions that created from consumer and customer’s perspective.

We are committed in building long-term partnership with our business partners.

At G&N, our motivation runs deep in personal growth and unleashes our employees’ hidden potential.

Our Values

Embrace Challenge

Have Fun

Inspire and Empower

Showing Kindness