Hair care routine: 6 Steps to take good care of your hair

Is your hair damaged or unhealthy? Don’t worry, a good hair care routine should fix it ASAP! Read more to find out how it could be your lifesaver!

As a woman, more often that not, we tend to care about our looks. Before heading to the next big event or job interview, your hair could make or break the success of it. Hence, to have a good hair day almost every day, it’s crucial to have a good hair care routine in place. Ahead, we breakdown the things you need to know when it comes to a hair care routine: 

Is a hair care routine important? 

Now before you wonder, ‘do I really need to have a hair care routine?’, the answer to that is without a doubt, yes. We understand how tiring it can be on top of your daily schedule to take care of your hair, but you might think twice after reading the reasons below! 

  1. Maintain healthy hair 

Maintain healthy hair

If you were to have a good hair care routine, you would be able to be sure your hair is always healthy. That means no more frizziness, split ends or dry hair! It’s common to experience these hair problems because over time after using endless hair styling tools, hair products and so on, it could cause some damage to your hair. 

  1. Increase your self-esteem

Increase your self-esteem

You know what they say, the hair is your crown. Sometimes when the condition of your hair isn’t exactly the best, your self-esteem could take a toll. You might not be confident enough to live your life while being proud of the way you look. If you have flawless looking hair, you are more likely to boost your confidence, especially during special occasions or job interviews. 

  1. Prevent potential hair loss or thinning 

Prevent potential hair loss or thinning

When you maintain a good hair care routine, your hair would be properly maintained which in return helps to reduce the chance of possible hair loss or thinning. Yes, that means you won’t find your hair strands all over your room so often! Besides, having less hair problems such as hair loss could mean that your body is in a healthy condition too by producing enough nutrients and vitamins. 

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What is a good hair care routine? 

We have to put this out there first - there is no one-size-fits-it-all solution when it comes to a good hair care routine because it differs from person to person. Rather, there are certain factors to consider. It would be best to go through trial and error and see what works best. With that beind said, here are some basic factors to consider of good hair care routine: 

  1. The type of your hair - If you have curly, wavy or straight hair, there are different ways to take care of each types. For instead, straight hair tend to be greasier than curly hair. Hence, you would have to implement a different step in your hair care routine to take care of it better. 
  1. How chemically processed is your hair - Do you happen to have coloured or bleached hair? The way your hair is chemically treated calls for specific ways to add into your hair care routine, especially because your hair isn’t natural anymore. For instance, you might need to add in an extra step of moisturising. 
  1. If you already have existing hair issues - When you’re already experiencing specific hair problems such as dry scalp, you’ll have to take extra precautions to cure it. Hence, a good hair care routine involves the necessary steps needed to moisturise your scalp. 

What are the steps of a hair care routine? 

Though it differs from each hair type, you could start with these basic steps of a good hair care routine: 

  1. Cleansing 


For this particular step, it involves the removal of any excess product residue or dead skin cells lingering on your scalp or hair. But the key to this step is to not strip off the natural oils produced by your hair or scalp. If you don’t apply this step, it would lead to unnecessary oilyness or greasiness due to the build up of sebum. Besides that, if you leave the dead skin cells on your hair, it would look flaky (because it renews by itself every 28 days or so). You could use a good shampoo for cleansing. 

  1. Conditioning


Some may skip this step - which is to use conditioner after cleansing your hair with shampoo. Conditioning involves adding in more moisture that was removed while cleansing. Ideally, conditioner helps to reduce frizziness, tangling as well as moisturising. 

  1. Moisturising 


Moisturising doesn’t stop just at conditioning. You could further add even more hydration to your hair by moisturising and sealing it in place for the whole day by using a hydrating products such as the Wellsen Intensive Care Hair Mask

  1. Detangling


Don’t you hate it when you comb your hair and it just gets stuck at the bottom or in between? We can’t stress enough how important it is to detangle your hair and make it as part of your daily hair care routine. You could make use of a wide-tooth comb which helps to prevent hair loss and detangles it easily. 

  1. Styling and protecting

Styling and protecting

Perhaps you might be going out to an event or simply want to look your best in between your work days. And if that involves using several heating tools, you definitely need to use certain hair products to protect it from the heat. 

  1. Spot treatment

Spot treatment

This step isn’t exactly required, but you might need to apply spot treatment if there’s a particular area on your hair that needs some fixing. Maybe the bottom of your hair gets dry easily, so you’ll need to apply a specific hair product only at the ends of your hair. 

On that note…

Your hair deserves some TLC with the right hair care routine. But it’s important to use the right hair products in your hair care routine to achieve great results such as the Marula Oil Collection.

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