Hair Loss Causes | Why You Are Losing Hair and How to Treat it

While it’s normal to notice a few strands of hair around your surroundings, it becomes an issue when those strands of hair become a large amount overtime. If you find yourself experiencing this issue, you may be going through hair loss. 

Why is so much of my hair falling out?

Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself frequently? Don’t panic - hair loss is pretty common among men and women. First thing’s first, you should find out what are the main reasons why you’re experiencing hair loss. Once you find out the causes that apply to you, it would be much easier to tackle the problems and get your hair growing back smoothly again. 

7 common hair loss causes

1. Lack of nutritional value

Lack of nutritional value

A few of the major hair loss causes would be whether you get enough nutrients on a daily basis. If you don’t consume enough vitamin D, B12 or protein, it causes thinning of hair because all these nutrients contribute to the structure or strength of the hair. 


2. Severe stress 

Severe stress

Have you been under a lot of stress lately? You may notice hair thinning which is also known as telogen effluvium. Basically, when you’re going through stress, your immune system will affect your hair follicles. 


3. Overuse of hair tools or products 

Overuse of hair tools or products

Do you regularly have several hair products that are part of your everyday routine? Well, using hair products that are not good for you is one of the major hair loss causes, especially the ones infused with harmful ingredients or chemicals. Besides that, when overusing hot styling tools, could be among the hair loss causes too. 


4. Excessive hairstyles or hairstyling

Excessive hairstyles or hairstyling

Certain hairstyling or hairstyles could be a hair loss cause too. For example, tight ponytails or pigtails would pull your hair and cause traction alopecia


5. Skin conditions  

Skin conditions

One of the common hair loss causes would be several skin conditions. The research mentions how hair loss is actually one of the common symptoms for more than 30 types of skin conditions. For instance, ringworm, autoimmune diseases or thyroid disorders. 


 6. Side effects from medications 

Side effects from medications

If you take medications on a regular basis, some of the side effects are one of the major hair loss causes too. For example medications such as anabolic steroids, acne or blood thinners. 


7. Post-Pregnancy or Menopause

Post-Pregnancy or Menopause

While you’re pregnant, your hormones are usually on high which keeps your hair in place by making it thicker. But once you start giving birth, the hormones (estrogen) levels decrease. Hence, you may experience temporary hair loss but you should be able to get it resolved within the next few years. 

Similarly, when undergoing menopause, you could also be experiencing hair loss because as you get older, the hormones (estrogen) tend to decrease as well, which is important to promote hair growth. 


How can I stop my hair loss? 

Once you’ve figured out the main hair loss causes that’s relevant to your problem, you could start figuring out how to prevent it. There are quite a few ways to stop hair loss, but the best methods are the ones that suit your specific hair loss causes. 


1. Use lightweight hair products 

Use lightweight hair products

You should avoid using hair products that contain any fragrances, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), or parabens which could strip away your hair’s natural oils and protein. If you didn’t already know, our hair consists of 91% protein. Hence, when it gets damaged, it could result in weaker hair. 

For example, Wellsen Thinning Hair & Sensitive Scalp Shampoo contains no silicone, fragrance, SLES/SLS or parabens in the ingredients, making it a safe option for your hair. Aside from that, the Wellsen Art Intensive Scalp Lotion For Thinning Hair would be a great choice too. 


 2. Reduce usage of heating tools 

Reduce usage of heating tools

Heating tools tend to cause hair breakage, which makes your hair thinner than usual. This is because the intense heat breaks down the hydrogen bonds found within your hair cuticle and changes the structure of the hair. Therefore, you shouldn’t use them too often. The recommended usage would be less than 3 times a week. 

Try to use styling products that protect your hair from the heat too. For example, Wellsen Marula Oil Intense Repair Hair Serum shields hair from environmental stresses, UV damage and harmful heat from mechanical and styling tools.


3. Change your lifestyle with healthy habits 

Change your lifestyle with healthy habits

If you have yet to consume a nutritious diet, it’s time for you to make a change to prevent any further hair loss. You can try to take supplements or foods such as chia or flax seeds into your daily diet. Alternatively, you can get your daily dose of nutrients with multivitamin supplements such as iron, vitamin D,C,E and so on. 

Many people who experience hair loss tend to find yoga really helpful too, mainly because this particular exercise reduces anxiety and stress. In fact, exercising in general would help reduce hair loss. 


4. Go for medical treatments 

Go for medical treatments

Willing to spend some money for your hair loss problem? Consider laser therapy where it’ll help to increase hair density using red light therapy. Other than that, there’s also a method to inject platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the scalp that stimulates hair growth.


Now that you are well versed with hair loss causes and ways to overcome it, you should also seek professional advice from a doctor just to be on the safe side. They would be able to properly diagnose your hair loss problems and suggest the best treatment for you. Plus, getting advice from a doctor could possibly settle your hair loss in a shorter amount of time. And if they mentioned you needed to change your hair products, be sure to use natural hair products such as Wellsen Hair Care that offer natural hair solutions for affordable prices. 


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