Hair Styling For Men: Handy Tips To Make Heads Turn

We know sometimes it can get difficult to pick hair styling for men! Don’t fret - we’ve got solutions for you whether it is long hair or short hair! 

Hair Styling For Men With Long Hair

If you have a long mane, ditch the basic hairstyles and try out these unique, cool hairstyles! But before that, long hair means you’ll have to maintain a regular hair routine to keep it intact! Compared to short hair, longer hair requires more maintenance, which is why you should ensure your hair stays hydrated and moisturised all day long.

We know some men don’t like to have too many steps in their hair care routine, but if you have long hair, conditioner is a must! Plus, we know this is a no-brainer tip, but be sure to completely rinse off the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. If not, it’ll potentially cause dandruff or make it look greasy. 

  1. Go for the natural hairstyle look 

Natural hairstyle men

While it’s much faster to use a hairdryer, your long mane could hugely benefit from getting air-dried instead. Why? Because, unlike women, when men use a hairdryer for their long hair, it tends to look really flawless, which isn’t ideal because a rough, rugged look would work better. 

  1. Consider man buns 

Man buns

You can never go wrong with the classic man buns! It helps to keep the hair away from your face while keeping it neat and tidy throughout the day. 

Step 1: Use a styling product 

Use a styling products

You would need this in order to keep your bun intact and keep it neat. Apply the Inspiration Styling Clay - Wellsen Argan Oil to your hair which helps to nourish your hair while styling at the same time. 

Step 2: Brush the hair

Brush the hair

Remove the tangles and smoothen your hair to the direction of where your bun will be placed. The standard position would be at the bottom and to create a low ponytail. 

Step 3: Create a bun

Create a bun

Once it’s a low ponytail, loop it into a bun and your man bun is done! 

  1. Braids 


Yes, men can have braids too! With long hair, it’s much easier to take it up a notch and be different. Though there are many types of braids, we’ll be showing you how to braid the front or top section of your hair! 

Step 1: Apply a styling product 

Apply a styling product

In order to sculpt your hair in the proper way, you’d have to apply some styling product such as the Inspiration Styling Clay - Wellsen Argan Oil. This helps to hold your hair together once you start braiding the hair. 

Step 2: Use a comb 

Use a comb

Once you’ve applied the hair product, comb through the hair so that it gets distributed evenly before starting to braid. 

Step 3: Start dividing and braiding

Start dividing and braiding

You can then begin braiding your hair! Divide your hair into three sections, and then braid across one another. Continue until you’ve reached the ends of your hair. Once that’s done, you can secure it with an elastic band. It’s that easy! 

  1. Wavy, textured hair 

Wavy, textured hair

If your hair is naturally straight, you might want to consider adding some waves! 

Step 1: Shampoo and condition your hair 

Shampoo and condition your hair

To achieve wavy hair, it’s best when you just wash your hair and while it's still damp. Once you’ve applied shampoo and conditioner, dry it lightly with a towel. 

Step 2: Apply sea salt spray 

Apply sea salt spray

Sea salt spray is the key to create some sort of wave to your hair. Apply it from the root and ensure you spray it evenly throughout your hair. 

Step 3: Apply styling product 

Apply styling product

The Inspiration Styling Clay - Wellsen Argan Oil should do the trick to get those gorgeous waves! 

Step 4: Let it air dry

Let it air dry

Instead of using a hair dryer, you should let it air dryer to ensure the locks are wavy enough. 

Hair Styling For Men With Short Hair

  1. The Pompadour

The Pompadour

If you’re going for the classic pompadour, you could follow this easy tutorial that might just be your favourite look! 

Step 1: Prep your hair with wax

Prep your hair with wax

You can start off with using the Inspiration Styling Wax - Wellsen Argan Oil to enhance the texture of your hair. Using your fingers, distribute it evenly. 

Step 2: Use a brush and hair dryer to add volume

Use a brush and hair dryer to add volume

In order to get that pompadour shape, you have to use a round brush together with a hairdryer to blow dry backwards. In simpler terms, place the round brush directly underneath your hair and roll it backwards. 

Step 3: Apply clay on your hair

Apply clay on your hair

To make sure you achieve the shape of the pompadour, using clay such as the Inspiration Styling Clay - Wellsen Argan Oil would give off a modern pompadour look. 

Take a fingertip-sized piece of the styling clay and then gently run it across your hair to style it. 

  1. Spiky Hair

Spiky Hair

You can never go wrong with spiky hair! It might just be your everyday go-to look when you’re wondering what is the hair styling for men with short hair options. 

Step 1: Apply oil on your hair 

Apply oil on your hair

First, you have to moisturise your hair to make it easier for you to style it. 

Step 2: Blow dry your hair 

Blow dry your hair

Then, you have to dry your hair with a hair dryer while pointing it in different directions. This helps to create more volume. 

Step 3: Use a hair straightener

Use a hair straightener

Curl some strands of your hair at the front with the direction that is away from your face, towards the crown of your hair. 

Step 4: Apply clay for sculpting 

Apply clay for sculpting

Lastly, apply some clay such as the Inspiration Styling Clay - Wellsen Argan Oil to secure it at the top. 

  1. Textured Taper Fade

Textured Taper Fade

A popular hair style among most men, this would be an easy hair style when you need a look that’s flattering! 

Step 1: Brush your hair with a fine-toothed brush 

Brush your hair with a fine-toothed brush

This is important - don’t use just any brush! Make sure it’s a fine-toothed brush so that you can style your hair after. 

Step 2: Blow dry your hair with a round brush 

Blow dry your hair with a round brush

Of course, when it comes to blow drying your hair, you have to use a round brush to push it backwards! 

Step 3: Apply wax to style your hair 

Apply wax to style your hair

Start off by waxing from the back of your hair to the front. You could separate the front strands of your hair in order to create better texture. 

When in doubt, simply go for a hair style that’s easy to do and takes less than a few minutes! The key to having a good hair style is using the right products that are suitable for your hair. Be sure to check out our clay and wax collection for men! 

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