Marula Oil Benefits For Hair: Why You Need It In Your Hair Care Routine

Have you ever wondered, what are the marula oil benefits for hair? Take a read and find out how it helps you to have healthier and more beautiful looking hair! 

You probably would’ve heard that coconut oil and argan oil is good for the hair, but what about marula oil? Despite marula oil being used throughout many centuries, these days, the beauty industry has started to make use of this particular ingredient for better, stronger and healthier hair. So if you’re not sure what exactly is marula oil or the marula oil benefits, take a read below to find out!

What is marula oil? 

If you’re new to marula oil and have no clue what it is, we’ll break it down for you. Marula oil is harvested from the seeds, fruit or nuts of a marula tree. The oil secreted from the seeds when pressed or while the nuts are boiled would usually be a light yellow colour. On top of that, it offers a subtle, nutty scent.  

Marula oil benefits for hair 

Though marula oil could be used for skin, face or hair, it’s undeniable how effective marula oil can be when it comes to the hair, which is why at Wellsen, we incorporate various hair products with marula oil.

  1. Tackling dry scalp or dandruff 

Tackling dry scalp or dandruff

When it comes to solving dry scalp issues, marula oil is perfect for that. The oil would reduce the flare-ups and soothe your irritated scalp with ease. Besides that, one of the well-known marula oil benefits for hair is that it offers anti-dandruff properties and restores your scalp to its natural healthy state. 

  1. Promote hair growth 

Promote hair growth

Marula oil is also great to cure hair loss issues that may arise due to the fact that it would hydrate your hair strands without further weighing them down. Thanks to the L-arginine found in the oil, it basically feeds the hair to promote hair growth by supplying enough blood supply to the hair. 

So if you have trouble with thinning of hair, you might want to change your shampoo and replace it with the Wellsen Marula Oil Shampoo for Thinning & Oily Hair to reduce your hair loss problems. 

  1. Protects hair from heat

Protects hair from heat

If you regularly use heat styling tools such as curling irons, marula oil works well as a heat protectant against intense heat. Plus, the heat in humid countries like Malaysia tends to affect our hair. Hence, it provides UVA protection while you’re out and about, preventing sun damage to your hair. 

  1. Tames your frizzy hair 

Tames your frizzy hair

Frizziness is hard to control, but with the help of marula oil, it’ll chase all your worries away. On top of adding some shine to your hair, it’ll also moisturise it to prevent frizziness from occurring so often. 

  1. Rich in antioxidants

Rich in antioxidants

We all know antioxidants would always be good for you, and that includes vitamins C and E which can be found in marula oil. These vitamins are essential to moisturise and nourish the hair follicles, preventing any split ends while repairing damaged hair.

  1. Acts as a natural conditioner

Acts as a natural conditioner

Ditch your regular conditioners and start implementing conditioners with marula oil. The primary reason is that the oil enhances the hair by bringing a shine to it.

The best part of all? Wellsen’s Marula Oil Hair & Scalp Care Collection does not have any preservatives, is parabens and SLS/SLES free! Rest assured, you’ll get the ultimate benefits of marula oil when you use any of the hair products! 

How you can use Marula oil

You could use marula oil for almost anything. Whether by itself or infused in various hair products, our Marula Oil Hair & Scalp Care Collection has all the options for your hair - shampoo, hair conditioner and hair serum. 

Furthermore, you could simply use it on a daily basis too. You’re not limited to a specific amount, instead, it can be used whenever desired. 

When applied, make sure to really massage it on your scalp to reap the benefits. 

One thing to take note of is that marula oil could hugely benefit those who have fragile, dry and damaged hair. So if you fall under either one of these categories, you should definitely include marula oil and enjoy the benefits for your hair. If you use it often in your hair care routine you will see and feel the difference. 


If you’re ready to dabble into implementing marula oil into your daily hair care routine after getting fascinated by the marula oil benefits for hair, you can start off with our Marula Oil Hair & Scalp Care Collection and begin to reap the wonders of marula oil. 

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