Paraben Free Shampoo: What You Need To Know & Why You Need It

Have you ever thought of using paraben free shampoo? If you’re not sure what is parabens and why you need shampoos without parabens, read this article to find out more!

When it comes to hair products, it goes without saying how important the ingredients infused in the formula are. Before choosing a shampoo or any hair product at all, it’s best to identify what are the harmful ingredients which are found in the products, such as parabens. If you’re not sure what are parabens, in this article, we break down what is it all about and how to choose the right paraben free shampoo. 


What are parabens?

Parabens are commonly known as preservatives which are commonly used in makeup, skincare or hair care products. The reason why parabens are infused in these products is to prevent the growth of mould, bacteria or various other microorganisms which are considered harmful to our body. 

Furthermore, parabens are often used in various skincare and haircare products in order to make it last long. But unfortunately, parabens can be easily absorbed into your body through your scalp, which causes various health risks overtime. 


What is the difference between sulphates and parabens?

You probably have heard of sulphate-free shampoos along with paraben free shampoo products. But you need to know there is a significant difference between the two - sulphates are synthetic detergents used to remove dirt. If you notice the soapy leather, that’s caused by sulphates. 

Similar to parabens, it can cause your hair to get dry pretty quickly as well as worsen skin conditions such as eczema. The key difference is what are they made out of, but ultimately, it is not healthy for your hair in the long run. 


How do parabens affect your hair? 

Since it can be easily absorbed into the skin, parabens affect your hair in numerous ways. Some of the common ones are as below:

  1. Hair loss 

Hair Loss

Preservatives in general are known to cause potential hair loss as it is used to extend the overall shelf life. Parabens are preservatives used in hair products that are said to affect the hormones of the hair by breaking down the keratin and causing scalp irritation alongside stripping away the natural moisture from the hair strands.


  1. Skin ageing 

Skin ageing

There are different types of parabens and the one that causes skin ageing would be methyl parabens. This type of parabens affects the Keratinocytes, which are the skin cells that produce keratin, a protein found in your skin and hair known to give its strength. 


  1. Allergic reactions 

Allergic reactions

If you already have an existing skin condition such as eczema, parabens could make it worst due to the inflammatory properties. 


  1. Dryness or frizziness

Dryness or frizziness

Our hair needs moisture, and parabens suck the moisture out, leaving it very dry. When you have curly hair, you’ll experience even more dryness or it would frizz up. 


Why you should consider paraben free shampoo?

The primary reason why you should use paraben free shampoo is that it is healthier and contain no toxic chemicals which are harmful to your hair or scalp. Living a healthy lifestyle also includes using healthy products for your hair. With paraben free shampoos, you are using hair products that contain only natural, healthy ingredients infused in the formula. 

Besides, it’s not hard to look for shampoos without parabens because you can easily buy paraben free shampoo online aside from the physical stores. The other paraben free shampoo benefits would be that it keeps your hair moisturised for a long period of time, which helps to prevent breakage and split ends. 


What are the side effects of paraben free shampoo?

There are no proven side effects if you were to start using paraben free shampoo because it is ultimately a healthy solution to maintain shiny hair. 


Who should use paraben free shampoo products? 

The great news is that - anyone with all hair types can buy paraben free shampoo and use them on a daily basis. Since there are no known side effects to using it, whether you have curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair or colour-treated hair, you would benefit the most when using shampoo without parabens.


How to know if it is a paraben free shampoo?

Take a look at their ingredient label to find out whether they include them, simply looking out for those that states it is ‘paraben-free’ may not suffice. The common parabens found in hair products are ethylparaben and methylparaben. Aside from that, as long as the ingredients do not have butylparaben, apropylparaben and iso-butylparaben mentioned, it is a paraben free shampoo. 

However, do take notice of other names that are known as parabens which don’t contain the word ‘parabens’ in them, for example, Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates.


Common alternatives to parabens

Besides looking out for parabens in the ingredient lists, you could also refer to the common alternatives used instead of parabens which are much healthier. For instance, ethylhexylglycerin or phenoxyethanol is a naturally derived ether alcohol. Another common alternative would be sodium benzoate. These ingredients do their job well by preventing bacteria, mould, fungi and other types of microorganisms which is what paraben is made for.

But there are more harmful alternatives used which is equally as based (or worst) than parabens, which is formaldehyde. This ingredient tends to cause irritation to the skin, similar to parabens. 


The best paraben free shampoo in Malaysia to go for

Though there are many types of paraben free shampoo in the market, you might find it difficult to decide which ones are good for you. 

Fret not - because the Wellsen Certified Organic Chamomile and 100% Peppermint Essential Oil Revitalizing Shampoo would guarantee that it is a 100% paraben free shampoo! The formula is free from any preservatives, SLES/SLS, alcohol, silicones, and of course, parabens. 

The marula shampoo from Wellsen contains a vegan formula infused with pure peppermint oil which is known to repair dry and damaged hair as well as offer cleansing properties. It also prevents hair loss by nourishing the hair from the root to the tip. 

Organic chamomile extract which is infused in the formula also offers a unique calming, cooling effect to the scalp which greatly reduces flaking, irritation and itchiness. 

You may give our paraben free shampoo a try and watch how it changes your life in no time.

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