Scalp Care Shampoo: What You Need For A Healthy Scalp

Do you know what are the best shampoos for a healthy scalp? Check this article out to find out!

Just like our skin, our scalp needs some tenderness, love and care too. Many tend to neglect the scalp thinking that it’s not important. But if you want to maintain healthy hair, your scalp needs to be taken care of. If you’re not sure why you even need to take care of it in the first place, consider reading this article to understand further! 

Why do you need to take care of your scalp?

If you don’t take care of your scalp, it would be difficult to maintain healthy follicles. As we age, the cells in our scalp tend to regenerate less, similar to the skin on our bodies. When it becomes thinner, it wouldn’t be able to maintain moisture and spread nutrients across the scalp. 

Our hair follicles would be weaker as we grow older, which leads to hair loss. Overtime, our hair would experience an intense build up of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), also known to be toxic to our hair follicles. Once our hair follicles die off, it would produce thinner and lesser hair, ultimately leading to hair loss. That also means your hair would not contain much volume or even worse, not be able to style your hair as you want to. 

Aside from that, our hair follicles contain melanin, also known as the pigment cells which gives your hair colour. The more we age, the pigmentation would cause us to have gray or white hair. Other factors to take into consideration is that our scalp would also be damaged by the harmful UV rays caused by the sun. 

Not forgetting the various scalp issues we tend to face such as dandruff, product residues or dirt constantly build up on our scalp on a daily basis. To avoid these common scalp issues, we need to take good care of our scalp with various methods in which we will share below. 

Ways to maintain a healthy scalp

Taking good care of your scalp isn’t too difficult, all you need to do is maintain a healthy hair care routine with the below steps to get a healthy scalp. 

  1. Using the right scalp care shampoo 

Using the right scalp care shampoo

When you are looking for the best scalp care shampoo Malaysia, you should look out for ingredients such as organic herbs or natural ingredients and try to avoid those with salts, dyes or detergents. 

  1. Maintain a healthy diet 

Maintain a healthy diet

When you consume a healthy diet on a daily basis that consists of a high amount of vegetables and fruits, you will be giving your scalp the right nutrients it needs to produce healthy cells. A good way would be to maintain about two to four services of fruits as well as three to five servings of vegetables every day. Besides that, you could also incorporate about two to three services of fish, eggs, meat or poultry into your daily diet. These are essential to give your body a healthy amount of protein, which in turn leads to a healthy scalp. 

  1. Be careful of the sun 

Be careful of the sun

When your scalp is exposed to the UV rays of the sun on a frequent basis, you might have a higher chance of getting skin cancer, which can be developed on your scalp too. Be sure to wear a hat or some sort of protection such as using heat-protectant hair products. There are also various sunscreens for your scalp too, which provides ultimate protection. 

  1. Don’t use too much of chemical treatments 

Don’t use too much of chemical treatments

We know it can be tempting to keep trying out new hair colour treatments or various other types of hair treatments, but it would cause intense damage to our scalp. All the more reason for you to take care of your scalp if you regularly go for hair chemical treatments. Your scalp tends to get drier or get irritated when too much chemical is used. 

  1. Exfoliate your scalp 

Exfoliate your scalp

Just like your skin, your scalp needs to be exfoliated frequently as well. If you encounter dry skin issues such as psoriasis, you should start exfoliating at least two to three times a week. Otherwise, once a week would be sufficient so that you are able to keep it clean by removing all the dead skin cells on your scalp. It’s not good when the dead skin cells get built up. Look out for exfoliating shampoos with ingredients such as salicylic acid or white willow extract. For mechanical exfoliation, you should go for the shampoos with walnut kernels or apricot. You could use this before you start applying shampoo. 

  1. Try taking cold showers 

Try taking cold showers

If you’re one to love hot showers, you might need to start trying to love cold showers instead. Or atleast, warm showers. Why? Because hot water tends to damage our scalp and cause irritation. 

  1. Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp

Give your scalp a little massage here and there to get the blood vessels flowing! These blood vessels help to provide oxygen and carry nutrients. By giving your scalp a massage, you are able to maintain the blood circulation. Try to give it a 5 to 10 minutes massage every week in circular motions. 

  1. Careful when you comb your hair 

Careful when you comb your hair

When you’re too rough while combing, you could potentially damage your scalp along the way. You may not be able to see it, but if you’re too rough, subtle bruises would start to appear. Combing too rough would make your hair become brittle too. 

What makes a good scalp care shampoo?

With a myriad of hair products around, you may not know which shampoo would be good for your scalp. If you’re not sure where to buy scalp care shampoo online, not to worry as there are many available options in the market. One of the best scalp care shampoo brands in Malaysia would be none other than Wellsen. 

Wellsen Scalp Care Shampoo Collection is packed with natural, healthy ingredients such as using Swiss Glacier Water. It is a GLV shampoo which aims to combat any scalp issues including dandruff and hair loss. Since it is free of SLES/SLS, parabens and silicones, rest assured our affordable, natural shampoo would help make your scalp be healthy for as long as you use it! 

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