The Best Men Hair Wax: Here's What You Need To Know!

Do you know what men hair wax is all about? If you’re curious on whether you should get it, find out more from our article!

Men hair wax is a styling product that many have heard of and has been used for centuries. If you’re not sure whether hair wax is the right styling product for you, read on to find out everything you know about it!

What Is Men Hair Wax? 

Men’s hair wax is a hair product which keeps the hair in place for the whole day. With hair wax, it allows the flexibility of restyling as it doesn’t harden or make the hair stiff. Usually, hair wax is used for those with oily or short hair, but hair wax is flexible enough to be used for any hair length as well. 

The Difference Between Men’s Hair Wax or Gel 

It’s common to be confused between men’s hair wax or gel. For the uninitiated, below are the key differences between the two: 

Men’s Hair Wax

  • Made with water, oil-based substances alongside emulsifiers, making it a natural-based hair product. 
  • Does not dry out or harden the hair. 
  • Suitable for every hair style as it offers maximum flexibility
  • Gives off a glossy to mat texture

Men’s Hair Gel

  • Made with water, water-based substances and alcohol. 
  • Stiffens the hair.
  • Good for hairstyles which are hard or crisp
  • Gives off a shiny look

Benefits Of Men Hair Wax

The benefits of men hair wax may be too good to be true, but in actual fact all of these benefits have been proven by men all over the world who use wax. Here are some of the common benefits of men hair wax: 

  1. Suitable for different hair styles. When you are constantly changing your hairstyle, hair wax makes it easier to do so because it doesn’t harden the hair by making it stiff. You can quickly change up your hair styles even when you only apply the hair wax once. 

Suitable for different hair styles


  1. Easy to use. It doesn’t take long to quickly do up your desired hair style because wax offers the flexibility to do so. You can also use it every day. 

Easy to use


  1. Very versatile. This means that hair wax is suitable for any hair length - short, medium or long. 

Very versatile


  1. Can be applied anywhere on the hair. You can either apply it all over or certain parts of the hair, it will still look great. 

Can be applied anywhere on the hair


  1. Can be used for any texture. Doesn’t matter if it's a hard or soft hair kind of look, you can achieve it just by using men hair wax. 

Can be used for any texture


  1. Doesn’t contain alcohol, only natural ingredients. Hair wax is actually one of the men’s hair products that are healthy because of how it is made. No alcohol is used which tends to be very drying for the scalp and hair. For instance, some of the natural ingredients would be tea tree oil, argan oil and beeswax. 

Doesn’t contain alcohol, only natural ingredients


  1. Tames the hair. If you regularly encounter frizziness, flyaways or baby hairs, hair wax helps to reduce them with ease. 

Tames the hair


  1. Works well for curly hair. Some men may struggle handling their curls, but with hair wax, you will be able to maintain soft, luscious curls with little effort.

Works well for curly hair


  1. Leave your hair soft. Unlike hair gel, men’s hair wax usually will provide a flexible, soft and natural look which doesn’t make it too hard or stiff.

Leave your hair soft


How To Use Men Hair Wax 

Hair wax is one of the easiest men's hair products for styling, you only need less than 10 minutes to fix up any desired men hair wax style. Below are some tips on how to use it: 

  1. Always use a small amount. Hair wax is actually one of the best men's hair products that don't look greasy, provided you aren't using a large amount. It's not necessary to use more than a pea-sized amount because if you use more than required, it will make your hair greasy. 

  1. Warm the hair wax. You should always warm up the wax before applying. By using warm wax, it makes it easier to work around it and create the style you desire. 

  1. Begin applying on the surface of your hair. Then, slowly work your way around the rest of your hair by lightly skimming through. 

  1. Brush when necessary. If you encounter any flyaways, you could brush lightly with a small amount of wax. 

How To Choose The Best Men’s Hair Wax

So now you’re ready to start using men hair wax? Hold up - be sure to take our advice before simply grabbing one from the shelf. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to waste money and spend on hair wax which doesn’t suit you and end up tossing them in the trash. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to choose the best men’s hair wax: 

  1. Identify how strong you need it to be. Since every men hair wax product has different strengths, namely, medium, firm or light, you should get the ones that you desire. It also depends on your hair length as well. 

  1. Figure out how often you need to re-style your hair. Are you the type that keeps changing up your hairstyle on a daily basis? Perhaps you prefer having a certain hairstyle during the day, and there’s a special event at night to go so you want to change it again. Again, this depends on the type of men hair wax product too.

  1. Does the smell matter to you? If smell matters, all wax products are made with different scents. Since you’ll be smelling the scent whenever you use it, it’s best to choose the scent which isn’t too overpowering and the one that you like. 

  1. Decide what’s your budget. If you’re under a tight budget, you probably will just grab the first hair wax you find in the store. That’s a recipe for disaster because you don’t even know if it works well or not. Therefore, do your research first if you have a certain budget to maintain so that you know whether it’s good quality despite the affordable price. 

Natural Hair Wax For Men: Wellsen Argan Oil Inspiration Styling Wax

If you’re convinced men hair wax is the way to go and are looking for natural hair wax for men, you should consider the Wellsen Argan Oil Inspiration Styling Wax

Why should you get this hair wax? Well, the Moroccan Argan Oil infused in the formula helps to offer a non-greasy texture while locking in and restoring the overall shine of your hair. You could style your hair with ease and not experience any dryness or flainess. 

The water solute formula helps to prevent any build ups from occurring too. Thus, making the Wellsen Argan Oil Wax one of the best men’s hair products for styling! 

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