Hair Serum: What Is It And How It Works

Ever wondered if you should start using hair serum? This article might convince you why you should! 

So, you’ve probably heard of hair serums and wonder if you should start applying it on a daily basis. Hair serums are often marketed as an additional hair care step, but in actual fact, it does make a whole lot of difference to your hair! If you’re considering including a hair serum in your hair care routine, read on to learn more on what it is and how it works! 

What is a hair serum?

Hair serum is often confused with hair oil. If you’re not sure, hair serum is a hair styling product that is used to smoothen or add shine to their hair whereas hair oil is used to make the hair healthier while offering nourishing properties. 

It has a silicone-based formula that coats the surface of the hair while locking in the patterns and completely sealing in the hair cuticles. Once applied, you’ll notice a shiny coat, but don’t be confused with it looking greasy! 

Hair serum benefits: what does a hair serum do?

  1. Tame frizzy hair and flyaways

Tame frizzy hair and flyaways

Let’s face it - our hair tends to experience flyaways or frizziness way more often than we’d like to. But before you think there’s nothing to tame them, we bring you the hair serum - your new best buddy for this common hair issue. 

  1. Protect against damage from styling tools

Protect against damage from styling tools

Do you often apply heat styling tools? It would make sense as to why your hair might get damaged before you even realize it getting worse! With the right care, you can save your hair from even further damage, such as using a hair serum. It helps to restore moisture to your hair after losing all the natural oils which are known to moisturise your hair. In other words, hair serum is also known for being a great heat protectant.

If you regularly perm your hair, overtime it might lose its natural nutrients. That’s when a hair serum comes in handy to restore them. 

  1. Smoothens the hair

Smoothens the hair

Our hair tends to get dry, no matter how much we take care of it at times. Thankfully, the hair serum softens your hair while bringing it back to its’ natural state! You’ll notice how easy it is to brush your hair with a comb when you experience the goodness of the hair serum. Yes, that means you can say goodbye to annoying tangles in your hair too!

Even when your hair is dry after being damaged from dyeing colour, hair serum would help to provide the moisture your hair needs. 

  1. Protects against heat or humidity

Protects against heat or humidity

Thanks to the shiny finish it has once applied, it would make your hair look healthy by protecting it against dust that comes from the external environment. Plus, did you know the heat could cause damage to your hair? When exposed to high heat, the shape of your hair’s keratin strands would change, making it weaker! That means you’ll be faced with split ends and even dead hair. 

  1. Adds shine to the hair

Adds shine to the hair

Who doesn’t love to have shiny hair? We know you do! Hair serum is widely known for providing a shiny finish to your hair. Though once your hair becomes smooth, naturally there will be a shine to it as well. Some of the silicones infused in the hair serum formula reflects light, hence why your hair tends to be shinier after applying. 

  1. Enhances your hair shape or style

Enhances your hair shape or style

Whatever hair shape or style you have - be it curly, wavy, straight, there are specific hair serums catered specifically to maintain them! Even if you have very curly hair, using a hair serum helps to retain the bounciness or perhaps even make it more defined. 

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How to use hair serum and when to apply?

Now that you’ve discovered the amazing benefits of a hair serum, you might want to start including it into your regular hair care routine. But first, you’ll need to know how to use and apply it the right way! 

When to apply hair serum: 

You should apply hair serum after you’ve washed your hair with shampoo. While it’s still damp, you may apply it directly. 


How to apply: 

Begin with the ends of your hair and slowly work all the way up to the middle. Be careful not to apply directly on your scalp! If you do that, it would make your hair look oily instead of shiny. It’s best not to apply the hair serum on your hair roots at all. Focus on the ends of your hair to have that shine and smoothness you desire. 

How much hair serum to use: 

Simply apply a small, tiny amount onto your palm. Similar to a pea-size. But if you have thicker hair, you might need slightly more than that, but not too much. 

How to choose the right hair serum:

Here are some recommended ingredients to look out for:

  • Split Ends - Since your hair would be experiencing breakage, it’s best to scout for ingredients such as keratin. 
  • Dry or Frizzy Hair - Keep an eye for ingredients such as castor, rosewood or marula oil which hydrates your hair. 
  • Dry Hair - Go for a cream-based serum. 
  • Damaged Hair From Heat - Look for ingredients such as jojoba oils or lavender which are lightweight and help to detangle your hair with ease. 
  • Chemically or Colored Hair - Hair serums which are infused with green tea extracts or coconut oil would be good for you. 
  • Curly Hair - As curly hair can be difficult to tame, a hair serum with argan, murula or sweet almond oil would be best. 

What is the best hair serum to use?

If you’re unsure which hair serum to go for, your best bet would be the Wellsen Marula Oil Hair Serum! Why? One of the main reasons is because Wellsen Marula Oil Hair Serum works for almost any hair type!

Besides that, marula oil is known to provide instant repairing properties as well as being non-sticky. On top of that, it contains anti-frizz control and also acts as a heat and UV protectant against harmful UV rays. Because of how lightweight it is, the hair serum would be absorbed quite fast! Since it is free from paraben, alcohol and mineral oil, rest assured your hair will remain healthy all year long. 

You may purchase the Wellsen Marula Oil Hair Serum at an affordable price and watch your hair slowly transform for the better. 

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